Don't Waste Your Advertising Dollars. 

No other media reaches more South Asians living in America. The reach of the leading Indian and Pakistani TV networks, Satellite Channels, and Newspapers is only a FRACTION of the reach of Namaste America's. Also, no other South Asian television network can deliver your message on 7 broadcast television UHF stations and on over 500 cable systems.  Namaste America reaches approximately 30 million homes or about one-third of the total households in the United States.  More importantly, through Namaste America you will reach approximately 70% of the South Asian households in the US (there are an estimated 650,000 South Asian households in the United States). Thus Namaste America reaches approximately 450,000 South Asian households - far exceeding the reach of any other South Asian network, satellite channel, or newspaper.   Namaste America has strategically selected top terrestrial stations, cable systems, and satellite channels in markets that matter (such as New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, etc.) so that our advertisers get results since high concentrations of South Asian actually live in the markets we air in.

In a market characterized by small time, low quality ethnic television programs, Namaste America has over 17 years of broadcasting experience and is one of the most professionally produced programs in the country. Namaste America also tailors its content to the specific needs of the South Asian American community and does not simply rebroadcast programs produced in India for Indian audiences. This attention to tailored programming and limited advertisements means higher viewership and more effective transmittal of your message.

With significant marketing experience to the South Asian American community, Namaste America can help your business tailor an advertising campaign to cost effectively spread your message. We are able to construct advertising campaigns for a single market, multiple markets or nationwide campaigns covering all of our stations. Advertise with the best, advertise on Namaste America.

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Namaste America is the only South Asian Television Network available free to air (UHF, Cable, Satellite) in all the top South Asian markets listed below.

New York Tri-State
Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Diego

Complete list of stations by market