Namaste America
brings the finest of South Asian infotainment to America.  Our programming is produced in New York in a style that South Asian Americans can relate to.  We regularly feature: film songs, TV serials, thought provoking interviews, news with video clips from the Indian sub-continent, and local community news.  Displaying a fine balance between news and entertainment, Namaste America caters to the needs of a diverse viewing audience.  Our show targets men and women of all age groups.  Namaste America somewhat parallels Good Morning America.  "Namaste America" means Hello, or as the dictionary puts it "a gesture of salutation".  Broadcasting since 1988, Namaste America is one of the oldest and the most respected South Asian television programs in North America.

According to the 2000 US Census, the South Asian population is in excess of 2 million people.  Of this ~ 90% are Asian Indian, 7% Pakistani, 2% Bangladeshi and 1% Sri Lankan. If undocumented immigrants and historical undercounting are considered, the number of South Asian households is estimated to be 750,000. 

Namaste America is the strongest South Asian television network in the US reaching approximately 70% of the population from the Indian sub-continent.  Our network broadcasts in 6 of the top 7 South Asian markets in the US.  Namaste America airs on 7 UHF Stations plus over 500 Cable systems Coast to Coast. As of 2004, the largest South Asian satellite television channel is estimated to reach only 12% of South Asian households.

In the US, Namaste America offers two different weekly programs. Namaste America’s Main Network Show primarily features entertainment and news while Namaste America’s Gold Show features one hour of entertainment and special programming.  The Main Network and Gold shows compliment each other and feature different programming every week.  The Gold show is currently available in the New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Chicago, and the Bay Area. 

In 2004, Namaste America started broadcasting 7 days a week in New York City on NYCTV Ch. 73.  NYCTV is a unique station as it is a free-to-air station covering approximately 500,000 South Asians living in New York City. No other free broadcast in USA covers such a large South Asian audience on a daily basis.

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Namaste America

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